Order Wizard

To finalize your order and send it to the lab, click the ORDER tab at the top left corner, just to the right of the CATALOG tab. This shows a small preview of your album along with some basic information. Click the Finalize Order button to proceed. This will launch the Finalize Order wizard.

SELECT METHOD: We recommend that you upload your orders, however, there is an option in this step to create a zip file which could be shipped or mailed on CD or DVD.

CONFIRM: This step shows information you entered about your account and the order. You can change the color correction preference at this stage and add any color instructions you may have. Rush orders are not available for albums.

COUPON: If you have a valid coupon code for yoru order, enter it here.

SHIPPING: If you prefer for the order to be shipped somewhere other than your studio, select Yes and the drop shipping options will appear. There is an additional fee for drop shipping. Shipping to your studio is free, and album orders are sent via FedEx Ground by default.

CREATE ZIP: If you chose to upload your order you will now have the option to do so now or later. Selecting Now and then the checkmark button at the bottom right will complete your order and begin the upload process.

A progress bar will open to show the upload process. Your order has now been sent to H&H!

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