Whether you prefer to design your album pages in Photoshop, InDesign, Fundy, or any other design software, our page guides will show you how to prepare your files for printing.

Layers in the design guides that MUST be hidden or deleted before saving your page jpeg files are shown in red. They are grouped together into a layer group to make this easier. You can either get in the habit of hiding this folder prior to saving each psd file, or write an action which can hide the folder for you prior to using Image Processor to save your page jpegs.

If you turn on the aqua guidelines in Photoshop, you will see that the safety area and page divide have been marked. This allows you to hide the guide layer group while still having a visual marker of these important areas.

In addition, the horizontal center of each side has been marked to allow you to easily center images horizontally.

Design guide example: safety and trim areas are set to half opacity so you can easily see your images as well as the guides.

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